Our Company at a Glance

benefits to clients

Calibre Institute for

Quality Medical education

Collectively, we have over 45 years of medical education and communication experience working with pharmaceutical and device companies, institutions, societies, agencies, and providers. We have developed award-winning education and communication programs and platforms.

our expertise

Unique to the industry, the Calibre Institute faculty are experts in the Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences. We assist clients in advancing the quality of their education and medical information with expertise in stages of human learning and change; knowledge translation; implementation science; and digital learning.
Co-founder, Dr. Hilary Schmidt, with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, has extensively published and presented in the field of medical education. Co-Founder, Bradley Bednarz, with a BA in Psychology, has extensive experience in digital learning and medical communications and presented on various medical education topics. Both are actively engaged in leadership and professional organization roles helping advance the field of medical education and communication.

For Healthcare Professionals
Identify high-quality, effective education to improve care

​For Institutions
Help close healthcare gaps and reduce costs

For Pharmaceutical & Device Companies

Empower the utilization of effective education & information

​For Developers
Create advanced next-generation education and medical information that works

what we do

We provide clients with a unique blend of advanced scientific expertise in the field of learning coupled with a proven track record of launching highly successful education and information  initiatives.

For Healthcare Professionals

  • Rate quality education that can improve their practices

For Developers

  • Leverage Cognitive and Behavioral Learning Principles to design education and medical information that gets results

For Pharmaceutical and Device Companies

  • Improve their medical information and education and transform their education strategies
  • Enable MSLs to deliver education that works education

For Institutions and Societies

  • Create educational solutions that reduce healthcare gaps​, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes