Calibre Institute for

Quality Medical education



Educational Interventions to Reduce Healthcare Gaps and Cut Costs 
Partnering with the education team, CIQME develops comprehensive strategic educational initiatives to address healthcare gaps and reduce costs. For target gaps, we identify effective and appropriate existing education, redesign internal education, and provide strategic recommendations that will drive real-world practice applications to improve patient care and reduce healthcare gaps.


Staff Training Workshops 
Staff Training Workshops on utilizing Cognitive and Behavioral Learning Principles to enable them to apply how humans learn so that the education and information they develop will drive understanding, generate recall, and foster utilization of data at the point-of-care.

Design & Refine Medical information & Education
We consult on the Instructional Design of accredited and non-accredited medical education and medical information; helping teams utilize advanced Learning Principles from the Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences to develop more impactful and effective programs. 
Grant Proposal Analysis Report 
We evaluate grant proposals and the proposal development process; benchmarking them against best-in-class. We identify areas for improvement and provide specific recommendations to increase the ability of grants to gain finding.

Enhanced Outcomes Data Reports
We evaluate outcomes plans and reports advising on methods for improved data aggregation that funders are looking for. These credible, easy-to-interpret outcomes reports provide compelling evidence of an activity’s impact.

Sample Activities Ratings and Review
We review groups of sample activities for 17 Instructional Design measures to determine the effectiveness of their Instructional Design and identify areas to improve providing specific recommendations in a comprehensive report.


Design & Refine Medical Information

We help teams develop advanced medical communications, information, and education by applying our Cognitive and Behavioral Learning Expertise to improve the design and results of communication or education initiatives (i.e. slide decks, advisory board presentations, medical information, speakers bureau programs, publications, etc.). 

Transformational Strategic Education Planning

Our Strategic Education Planning Process (SEPP) provides a process where target medical goals drive a complementary, unified, team planning process...shifting from a traditional "competing for budgets" process for Medical Affairs.

This proven “end-goals in mind” approach aligns strategy and medical goals using objective metrics that rank the potential impact of each education tactic. These rankings determine the optimal tactical mix that can best achieve target medical goals. The results are synergistic, cross-team initiatives that effectively direct finite resources and spending to the most effective tactics. 

Improved MSL Utilization of Education
We analyze the strategy, design, and focus of current MSL- delivered education for its potential to: fully engage HCPs and organizations; achieve target medical goals; and improve patient care. 

Education is bench-marked and redesigned where needed. MSLs are trained to utilize advanced learning principles and to design highly-effective education for scientific exchanges that can achieve target goals, engage clients in meaningful new educational interactions that drive behavior change, and transfer important new clinical data.

IME Value Proposition and Enhanced Grant Review Process
We assess IME's current role, position, and value within Medical Affairs providing specific, compliant recommendations to leverage and communicate IME's Value Proposition and expertise across Medical Affairs teams. Our proprietary IME Activity Score Report aggregates and compares the cost, quality, reach, and measured impact of funded activities.

We analyze current grant review processes, benchmarked against best-in-class to provide a systematic, objective evaluation process that can identify activities with truly superior designs that can achieve greater outcomes.